Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blog, Write Thyself

Apparently blogs don't write themselves, and the thoughts in my head don't get transferred magically into the computer and onto the internet.  Is someone working on that?  Although that would be my preferred method, I'll have to make do with typing it all out manually.  To that end, I'm going to shoot for an update every week on Thursdays.  

So, I'm currently working on these for a friend, Rowan Maragaret's Silken Slippers, Collinete Jitterbug, Velvet Olive and Velvet Plum colorways. Nearly finished with these, I think they will be appreciated.


Also working on finishing up the Rockin Sock Club Cleopatra's Stockings, this is the second sock, ready to start the gusset stitches.

And the last thing I can show today, Francie, with Sundara Yarn's Arabian Nights.

Those are the projects I can currently show, the rest I'm working on now is all secret stuff.

Now, if I can only keep this whole posting up for the next few weeks, then it will just become habit, or at least that's how I think it's supposed to work.  Next project, update my Ravelry projects and stash, regardless of how daunting it seems.


Cabledguy said...

Hmmmm, cropping issues, too tired to fix right now, not to mention in a few weeks I plan on moving the blog anyway.

mary said...

hello! what are these wooden tubes you have your knitting peaking out of?!?! are they similar to architects blueprint tubes? where did you find them!??! love the skulls...

please let me know! thank you!